Day Three Hundred Nineteen

I walked today in a nearby town, Olympia Fields, Illinois. The town has done a nice job with the area around their commuter train station. They added a large lot a few years ago and did it right, with a pretty water retention pond and a paved walking trail and tall grasses surrounding it. The walking trails connect the train station to major roads and residential areas. Olympia Fields Train StationToday, I saw mallards, killdeer, and a red-tail hawk as I circled the pond. I also walked under the tracks, hoping to walk around the Olympia Fields Country Club which borders the east side of the railroad tracks. Understandably, the club has a gate to keep non-member commuters and nosy walkers like me out of their exclusive club.

I do not remember this gate being here when we attended the 2004 U. S. Open at this club. I think they took it down and opted for a faster entry for that large venue. We so enjoyed having that international golf event nearby!

Good walking and reminiscing!

Day One Hundred Eighty-two

Nearby Surprise

I saw a paved trail near a new housing development in a nearby suburb as I was driving home today from the store.  My husband, youngest son, and I went back this evening to check it out.

It was actually a fairly short walk, but quite lovely.  The trail wrapped around two water retention ponds and connected a private homeowners’ association to the commuter train station.  The higher retention pond connected with the lower one via an above-ground series of one step stone waterfalls.  It was pretty!  The water brought kildeer, and there were other birds as well.

I have picked my husband up from this commuter station a couple of times, but we had no idea this was even here. All we needed to do was get out of the car!

July, 2013Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Eight


We’ve had a little rain in the past day.  Make that a lot of rain.  We, ourselves, have been blessed with a relatively dry basement and no damage.  Our hearts go out to those in the greater Chicagoland area with flooded homes.  Our inconveniences, like getting around flooded viaducts, streets, and parking lots, are minor in comparison with those who have sustained significant property damage.

I did make it out, umbrella in hand, for a walk up to our local park.  I visited this park when I took WordPress’ Phoneography Challenge on Day Sixty-seven.  That day, I took several pictures of the sculptures, benches, and snow at the park.

Today, I went to see the water.  Because of the retention area of the park, that water is not in my basement.

FloodGood day, good walk, good water management!