Day Three Hundred Sixty

My family forbade me from walking outside today.

After my icy wipe-out on Day 359, my wrist was still pretty sore, so I acquiesced to my family’s wishes and headed up to our park district health club for a walk on a treadmill instead.

I saw a number of people that I haven’t seen for awhile, and it was good to say hello. But we were all there to work out, and work out we did.

Good walking (even if it was on a treadmill)!

Day Three Hundred Fifty-eight

Well, that’s a first: I actually closed down the health club on Christmas Eve.

With the temperatures below average, possible snow in the forecast, and a full to-do list, I thought it might be best to just plan a workout for a certain time and get it done on a treadmill.

I did get it done, but I was surprised how crowded it was. What surprised me even more though was just how nasty people were about the club closing early on Christmas Eve. Yikes.

Good walk!




Day Three Hundred Forty-nine

With a temperature of 15º and a wind chill of 1º, I ended up back on the treadmill at the park district health club. Being a weekend, it was a much more age-diverse crowd. I was next to a high school student (walking way slower than me, I’d like to add) that was super popular. Every single person under the age of 20 came over to say hello to her. It was awfully hard not to eavesdrop on these conversations. It did make my otherwise boring walk on the treadmill quite entertaining however.

Day Three Hundred Forty-six

I had to take it inside today; it was just too cold.

I walked on a treadmill at our park district health club. I really do prefer to walk outside. Time usually seems to drag while I’m on a treadmill, but today’s 40 minute walk went by fairly quickly. I even upped the mph! To pass the time I flitted between the following activities:

  • I read my new e-book, Detroit City is the Place to Be. My e-reader props so much better than paper books.
  • I had a few emails come in that needed my attention. Since I’m not so great at using a tiny touch screen while on a treadmill, this took quite some time. I am also glad I didn’t fall off the treadmill.
  • People-watching. I tried today to not get distracted by other people that are working out. I did okay until I noticed an elderly woman walking around the track in heels, a long wool coat, and a scarf. Hmm, that’s a first.

Good walking.

Day Thirty-two


Sampling While Walking

I really did not feel like walking today.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I really didn’t feel like walking on a treadmill again today.  Although today would only be the fourth day this year that I’ve resorted to walking on a treadmill, it would be the first time that I did it two days in a row.

Despite the clear blue skies and bright sun, the AccuWeather Real Feel® temperature of -5° F only gave me two options.  Either I head out on a very, very short walk in my neighborhood, or I go to our park district health club and get my butt on a treadmill.  Since I had the time and could really use the exercise, I decided the treadmill was really the only option.  Like yesterday, I took my Kindle.

I’d like to take a moment here to share my personal list of e-reader virtues:

  • A library in my hand.  All of the books that I’ve purchased or received as gifts in the past two years are on hand, and I can easily take them with me.  If I’m on the road and finish a book, I have easy access to another.
  • Ease of propping up on a treadmill.  No books falling over, no closing pages, it just stays put on the correct page until I tell it to turn to the next one.  (I actually just added this virtue after yesterday’s walk.)
  • Free book samples.  This is the first virtue I discovered when I got my Kindle two years ago.  I love sending free samples to my Kindle.  Although I’ve stood and paged through books in a bookstore, I’ve never read the entire first chapter or two.  (I always felt like some sales associate would tell me to buy it or yell at me for bending the paperback cover.)

I could easily waste a lot of time looking at books on Amazon, so I try to limit how often I do it.  Today, I talked myself into going to the health club by making it a Kindle sample day and allowed myself to peruse Amazon for new book releases and send some samples to my Kindle.

One of the samples that I added was On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes by Alexandra Horowitz.  The book description states that it’s about observing and perceiving the world around us.  Since it also seems to be about walking, I thought it sounded perfect for today.

It was.  After I took the picture above, I started reading the lengthy sample and only looked at the timer on the treadmill twice (once was after my time was up).  I will be adding On Looking to my reading list.  Oh, I’d also like to add the following to my list of e-reader virtues:

  • It covers the timer on the treadmill, so I don’t check the timer constantly.

Good day, good  walk.

Day Twenty-two


Time of Walk:  12:00 PM

Temperature:  Room (Outside it was 11° F/felt like -1°F)

On the headphones:

  • Incubus
  • Kings of Leon
  • MuteMath
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Arcade Fire
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • The Naked and Famous
  • Newtown (my new favorite Bluegrass band–just to mix things up)

I figured I’d end up on the treadmill today.  It was just too cold to be outside for very long.  I made the most of it though:


  • pushing myself more than usual in both speed and distance
  • answering two pressing emails while I was walking (This multi-tasking, thumb-typing challenge distracted me for quite awhile!)
  • people-watching (I especially enjoyed the attractive 70-ish woman who spent 5 minutes each on several different machines, taking her large Coach bag each step of the way instead of storing it in a locker.  I had to wonder if she was there just to meet men.  She just looked too nice to actually be there to work out.)
  • listening to my “Alt-Mom” music (my son calls it this because it’s not edgy enough, or something like that, to be true Alternative Rock), trying to remember to not sing aloud.

Good day, good walk.