Day Seventy-two

Drainage Part 2There All Along/Day Fifty-two Addendum

Every time I walk around my neighborhood now, or at least since Day Fifty-two, I’ve been noticing street drains (and fire hydrants since Day Fifty-nine)–almost obsessively.  It’s like they weren’t there before.  Weird.

Today as I walked, I snapped pictures of three street drains that are different than Day Fifty-two’s, but still have a certain beauty in their symmetry.  One even has a third dimension!

At the very least, chasing these pictures down kept me somewhat distracted from the unseasonably cold temperature and a 19° wind chill.

Good day, good walk!

Day Fifty-two

Beauty in Everyday Things

Time of Walk:  2:30 PM

Temperature:  27° F (felt like 19°)

Weather:  Cloudy

Today when I was walking in my neighborhood, I tried to look for things that I usually don’t notice.  I decided that not only are drainage grates something that I take for granted until they’re clogged, they also have a certain beauty in their symmetry.

DrainageOne thing: it’s a little tricky getting street photos, with cars and all, hence the stray picture of my foot!

Good day, good walk!