Day One Hundred Twenty-six


I’m not sure if it’s due to the cool, late spring we’ve had or what’s going on, but the tulips this year are gorgeous!  On my walk today I couldn’t help but traipse on a few lawns to snap some pictures.


There are so many different colors too!  I only remember red and yellow tulips when I attended the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan, as a child.  Either the Dutch have been busy developing new colored tulips over the past few years, or I have a bad memory.  Whatever the case, I love seeing all of these colors as I am walking around my neighborhood!

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Twelve


A few weeks ago, I took one of WordPress’ Photography Challenges focusing on color.  I struggled to find any color other than the grays and browns of late winter on my walk that day.  But today, as I walked around my neighborhood, I had no trouble finding color at all (especially if you include white)!

Spring ColorSpring has finally arrived!  Good day, good walk!

Day Ninety-three

More Signs of Spring

I enjoyed a nice long walk around my neighborhood today.  In addition to perennials popping up through the soil, I noticed other signs of spring:

  • robins running to and fro trying to finish their massive to-lists
  • CPAs running to and fro trying to finish tax returns (not really, but the robins did remind me of some of the CPAs I used to work alongside–especially at this time of the year)
  • the professional landscapers are back at work

But the best sign of spring is that I got a bit overheated and had to remove my gloves and unzip my jacket.

Good day, good walk!

Day Ninety-two

In Search of Spring

I headed out, all bundled up in a hat and gloves, walking in my neighborhood on this unseasonably cool day.  With no real plan in mind, I went looking for signs of spring–any signs.  I had to walk longer than I had planned (not a bad thing, for certain), but I finally found evidence that spring has sprung!

In Search of SpringGood day, good walk!

Day Sixty-six

Sick of It. Sick of It.IMG_20130307_150044

The sun melted some of Tuesday’s 10″ snowfall today, but after spending a few warmer, dryer hours in St. Louis yesterday, today’s slight melt wasn’t enough for me.

As I walked around my neighborhood today, I snapped pictures of all the things that are starting to annoy me about winter.  It’s just my little way of fighting back.

Go away snowGood day, good walk–even in the snow.