Day Three Hundred Forty-seven


Much Better!

My walking heart soared when the meteorologist promised this morning that today’s weather would be much better than the “brutality” of the past few days.

I went back to Frankfort Square, Illinois, and walked a different portion of the Island Prairie and Indian Boundary Park. This is the third time I’ve walked here this week because I love all of the songbirds and appreciate that the paved path is plowed!

Island Prairie-Indian Boundary SouthIt was so nice to be back outside and enjoying it!

Day Twenty-three


Time of walk:  1:00 PM

Temperature:  17° F (Felt like 5°)

Weather:  Partly sunny with flurries

Since I had some open time and was heading in that direction, I decided to take in a westerly portion of the Old Plank Road Trail (a bike and walking trail converted from an old rail line).  This area is fairly unfamiliar to me, so after scouting it out on Google Maps, I parked at a movie theater and accessed the trail near Interstate I-80.  I walked between Mile Markers 16.4 and 17 (both ways)–not a long walk, but long enough with wet feet when it felt like 5°.

OPT Day 23

Although I could tell by the footprints and bike tire markings that several people had been on the trail recently, I didn’t see a soul.  This area is mixed retail, light industrial, and in one area, residential; it goes under some significant electric lines and over I-80.  Unfortunately, from the interstate, this bridge looks like an old rust-belt railroad trestle.

I saw a number of songbirds today, including cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, nuthatches, and downy woodpeckers.  Since these are all birds I have regularly at my feeders, I’m guessing someone in the residential area was feeding them.  I still enjoyed seeing them.

Good day, good walk.