Day Three Hundred Fifty-two

The sun is back!

It certainly made it easier to head out for a walk this afternoon. I walked around the neighborhood and up to the park. Earlier this year I posted pictures of the park’s sculptures taken with my phone, but I wanted to take some better pictures for the sculpture gallery on my Along the Trail: Signs and Structures page, and I’ve added them there. I’ve added two more pages as well with some of my favorite bird and plant pictures.

(While at the park, I also saw three squirrels and a small plane.)

Three Squirrels and a PlaneGood walk!

Day Two Hundred Seventeen

Local Public Art

Over ten years ago, Chicago started a local public street art trend with its “Cows on Parade.” Duplicate life-size fiberglass cows, each uniquely decorated by different artists, were displayed on various locations downtown. The cows were then auctioned off, and I have seen a couple of these cows since.

Chicago has repeated the concept with different themes each summer.  This summer, large head planters (see Plant Green Ideas) are situated along Michigan Avenue.  I really like them and the green initiative they represent, but they are a bit reminiscent of Chia Pets.

Suburban towns have also had some of these public art programs, and I have a personal story as a Task Rabbit trying to ship a large “Wicked” globe to a couple in Texas that purchased this public art on ebay (See part 1 and part 2 of my other blog). I never found out what town sponsored that “Musical” art (?) and would still like to know.

One nearby town, Tinley Park, has continued their “benches” functional art program for several years.  We’ve driven by this year’s display several times, but today we got out of the car and walked along both sides of Oak Park Avenue.  My son and I immediately recognized the various fairy tales and enjoyed the artists’ renditions.

Tinley Park BenchesMy personal favorite is the “Bremen Town Musicians,” mostly because some of Tinley Park is in Bremen Township, and I enjoyed the fact that the artists chose this lesser-known tale in honor of their township.

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Eighty-eight

Chicago Lakefront-South

After hearing recently that George Lucas (yes, of Star Wars’ fame) and his new wife, Mellody Hobson (yes, of TV financial-adviser fame), had their wedding reception at Promontory Point, I thought, “Hey, that might be a good place for a walk!”

Today, we drove up to Hyde Park, a south-side Chicago neighborhood, for a walk along Lake Michigan.  Although I’ve lived in the area for over twenty-five years, I’ve never walked along the lakefront south of Soldier Field.  This area has been redone over the past few years, and it’s really quite lovely.

Lake Shore Path-SouthWe really enjoyed the views of the downtown Loop to the north and the Museum of Science and Industry to the south as we walked.  There was also some nice public art, beautiful wildflowers, and even a butterfly posed for me along the trail.

We would have liked to have walked longer, but it was hotter than we expected.  I guess we’ll just have to go back!

Good day, good walk!