Day Three Hundred Sixty-five

I Did It!

I completed my resolution to take a daily walk in 2013. Well, I should say that I walked almost every day in 2013, including today.

This morning, I got out of bed early to bid my husband a good last day of work in 2013. After he left, I was looking east out my kitchen window. As I watched the sky gradually take on a pretty pink glow, I decided to do my walking on the last day of 2013 as I did on the first: an early morning walk through the neighborhood.

Determined not to focus too much on the fact that the temperature was only 2º F, I added an extra layer, zipped my camera inside my jacket, and headed out, hoping to catch the sunrise. I actually left too early, so I took a few pre-sunrise pictures instead. The sun popped up only after my return home, and I waited for it in the warmth of my kitchen.

Sunrise New Year's Eve Day


While I was waiting, I took a selfie, as I did back on Day One. That day, I was bundled up before heading out for a walk. Today, it was after a walk, and I was very cold. Cold but happy.

Good day, good walk!

Postscript: People have been asking me if I’ll continue walking now that the year is done. Yes, I plan to keep walking, but I’ll spare the reader and not write about the boring ones! I’ll spare myself having to keep track of what numbered day of the year it is!

Day Three Hundred Sixty-four

Yes! One More Walk Outside!

I’m afraid the worst is yet to come, because it really wasn’t that bad today after all. The sun was out and the wind calm while I filled my bird-feeders this afternoon, so I decided to go walking in the neighborhood instead of spending my penultimate resolution walk of 2013 on a treadmill.

It was cold, but not the bone-chilling temperature that the weather forecasters promised–at least not yet. I enjoyed my walk to the bank and around the neighborhood. Although I had my camera with me, nothing of interest really happened along the way.

Upon returning home, I could tell that the birds were enjoying all the new seed that I put out, so I sneaked around back and took a few pictures. The nuthatches seemed especially distracted by the seeds, and one was quite tame.

NuthatchGood day! But, any day that you can use the word “penultimate” is a good day, right?

Day Three Hundred Fifty-five

Tiny Beads

I knew if I was going to walk today, I’d have to do it first thing in the morning. Thankfully, I woke early enough to get it in. Since it was raining, I left my camera at home and headed out.

What a quiet morning it was in the neighborhood. The fog and drizzle kept many inside, and I only saw one other human, a jogger, out and about on foot during the duration of my walk.

I noticed water droplets everywhere–on the trees, the bushes, and the grass–as I walked. The tiny clear beads seemed to be hovering between liquid and solid with the air temperature just above freezing. Once I got home, I wanted to document the tiny droplets, grabbed my camera, and went back out long enough to get a couple of shots.

Dewy Morning WalkGood walk!

Day Three Hundred Fifty-four

I actually dragged my carcass out of bed early this morning to make up yesterday’s walk. I walked through the fog and saw only commuters making their way to the train. (A walk really is a nice way to start the day.)

In the evening, my husband and I walked to a restaurant in town to celebrate our anniversary. Twenty-eight years of wedded bliss!

Day Three Hundred Fifty-one

A Welcome Bit of Color


I didn’t go out for a walk until this evening again. I had a lovely evening constitutional; the temperature was comfortable and enough folks had shoveled their walks that I was able to get around. Also, I enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights. Although I like the small white lights that most folks in our neighborhood use, I’ve been seeing more of the jewel-tone lights like in the picture. I like the color!


Day Three Hundred Fifty

Walking in Two Parts


I only had time for a short walk this afternoon, so I walked up to one of our town’s sculptures and got a snowy photo.

I had intended to head back out for a second walk while it was still daylight, but I didn’t quite make it.


I did go for a second walk later in the evening. This time, I headed off in another direction and got a picture of another town sculpture.

I like how the snow has gathered on the top of her face.

Two short, but good, walks!

Three Hundred Forty-eight

Snow, Beer, and a Chickadee

I needed to bring something to a ladies’ Christmas party. I decided to walk up to our local micro-brewery and buy a “growler” (a resealable 64 ounce glass brown bottle ) of my favorite brew. I love having this place nearby and especially love having something good to bring to this party!

My husband joined me for the walk into town and, thankfully, carried the big brown bottle of beer home for me. It was a slushy but pretty walk with the 5 inches of snow that we got overnight and this morning.

Neighborhood SnowUpon returning home, I got a couple of shots of a chickadee in the tree near my bird feeder. I have always loved the friendly chickadee!

ChickadeeGood walk!