Day Three Hundred Fifty-five

Tiny Beads

I knew if I was going to walk today, I’d have to do it first thing in the morning. Thankfully, I woke early enough to get it in. Since it was raining, I left my camera at home and headed out.

What a quiet morning it was in the neighborhood. The fog and drizzle kept many inside, and I only saw one other human, a jogger, out and about on foot during the duration of my walk.

I noticed water droplets everywhere–on the trees, the bushes, and the grass–as I walked. The tiny clear beads seemed to be hovering between liquid and solid with the air temperature just above freezing. Once I got home, I wanted to document the tiny droplets, grabbed my camera, and went back out long enough to get a couple of shots.

Dewy Morning WalkGood walk!

Day Two Hundred One

Goodenow GroveIMG_0702We got up and out this Saturday morning and headed to Goodenow Grove for a walk/hike. Goodenow was once used as a Boy Scout Camp, but is now part of the Plum Creek Preservation System of the Will County Forest Preserve. A large portion of Goodenow (775 of the 891 acres) has been designated an Illinois Nature Preserve.

We walked the Snapper Pond Trail, the High Point Trail, and a portion of the Plum Creek Greenway Trail. It was lovely.

GoodenowNow, time for breakfast!  Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Ninety-eight

Morning Walk

I often used to walk in the morning in the summer.  If the sun was up, I was usually up too.  Plus, I thought it was easier to walk in the morning, get cleaned up, and then start the rest of my day.  This summer though has been fairly cool, and I’ve gotten in the habit of walking with my youngest son during the day or by myself in the evenings.

There have a few mornings this summer where it may have worked better to walk in the morning, but I had trouble motivating myself.  The excessive heat and humidity these past few days has given me no choice but to set aside my sedentary morning routine of emails, coffee, and television news this morning, and get my keister out for a walk.

I had forgotten how much I like watching the commuters running for the train and the runners finishing up their jogs. I had forgotten the wonderful smells wafting out of the bakery.  I had forgotten how active the birds are in the morning.  I really should walk in the morning more often!

Good morning, good walk!