Day One Hundred Fifty

Listen in . . .

Son:  (an hour after dinner) “What about dessert?”

Me:  “What about it?” (trying to encourage my son with Autism Spectrum Disorder to express himself or, at least, use more language)

Son:  “We should have it.”

Me:  “We should?  What do you want?”  (knowing full well that he wanted to go out for ice cream)

Son:  “We should go out.”

Me:  “It’s fine with me, but you’ll have to ask Dad.” (the person who usually suggests that we go out for ice cream)

Son:  “We should go out.”

Dad/Husband:  “We should?  What for?”

Son:  “For dessert.”

Dad/Husband:  “That sounds good.”

Me:  “Oh no!  I haven’t gone for a walk yet today.”

Dad/Husband:  “You go for a walk, so we can get dessert.”

I walked, so we could go out for ice cream.  It was worth it.

Day Eighty-three

Guilty Pleasure

I have to admit something.

Today, we drove through the Palos Trail System of the Cook County Forest Preserve looking for a new place to walk.  Instead of actually walking on any of the unpaved trails in the cold wintry wind, we went to a nearby ice cream parlour, The Plush Horse.  The ice cream was absolutely delicious.  I’ll walk tomorrow, and we’ll come back and walk these trails another day.

Good day, good ice cream.