Day Three Hundred Six

Road Trip

We hit the road today for St. Louis, Missouri, to visit our middle son at Washington University. It was great to have the entire family together for the first time since December.

U City, MOWe enjoyed walking around campus and near campus in my son’s neighborhood. Different architecture in the homes, apartments, and churches made for a beautiful neighborhood. The trees were hitting their peak fall colors, yet some of the flowers were still hanging on to summer. It was lovely walking.

Great day!


Day Three Hundred Three

Orange Day

This may sound strange, but I think I’m seeing colors more this year. Notice I didn’t say that I was seeing more colors this year; I wouldn’t really know how to make that comparison. The comparison I’m making is much more nebulous and non-scientific. Perhaps, I should say that I’m noticing more colors this year. This week, I’m especially seeing orange.

Today, I grabbed my camera and set out in search of orange. I found it everywhere.

Orange 1I found orange all over the neighborhood: yellow-orange, red-orange, pink-orange (a.k.a. salmon), green-orange (a.k.a. brown? rust?), and orange-orange.
Orange 2I saw orange in the trees, maples and oaks; I saw orange in the bushes, the vines, and the flowers clinging to life. I saw orange in the pumpkins too.Orange 3I like orange. I wish it would stick around for awhile. To quote Dr. Seuss, “On my orange days that’s how I feel.”

Fun walk.

Day Two Hundred Eighty-seven

Lunch Bribes

Everyone but my poor hard-working husband was off today for the Columbus Day holiday, so I promised lunch from Chipotle to anyone who would walk with me today. My oldest and youngest sons and my daughter all took me up on the offer.

We walked around most of Izaak Walton Nature Center, something I haven’t done since my eldest son and I unintentionally did it back on Day 10 when we actually got a bit lost.

It was good to go around what I’ll call the “big lake” again. It was a lovely day and even though most of the grasses have already turned the grays and browns of fall, we found an occasional wildflower.

Isaak Walton

We also spotted one great blue heron tucked along the edge of the lake. I will miss these prehistoric-looking winged creatures when they leave for the winter.

Isaak Walton 2Good walking and tasty lunch!

Day One Hundred Thirty-five

Today I went on a different type of walk–a house walk.  Our local service league, which supports local charities, has hosted a house walk as a fundraiser for over 50 years.  In the 25 years that I have lived here, it’s the first time I’ve gone.  What a shame too, because I really enjoyed it.

The houses, all beautiful and well-appointed, ranged in size from small and cozy to super spacious.  As a homeowner of a fairly small house, I really appreciated that the organizers found homes of all sizes for the tour.

Walking through these lovely homes does make me realize I really need to get rid of some stuff, organize the rest of my stuff, and clean!

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Twenty-nine

Flowering Bushes (and Weeds)

The lilacs and other flowering bushes are in full bloom and smell wonderful!  As I’m stopping along my walk today, I feel pretty awkward:  it’s bad enough that I’m basically trespassing in unknown neighbors’ yards, hovering with my phone to take pictures of their plants, but now I’m sticking my whole head in for free smells!  I can almost hear it, “Mommy who’s the crazy lady in our front yard?”

Flowering bushes


The violets are also in full bloom.  They are attempting to
take over a few lawns in the neighborhood.  When in bloom, the purple flowers in the grass are rather pretty.  Unfortunately, later in the summer they’ll go back to looking like weeds–broad clumsy leaves in seas of grass.

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Twelve


A few weeks ago, I took one of WordPress’ Photography Challenges focusing on color.  I struggled to find any color other than the grays and browns of late winter on my walk that day.  But today, as I walked around my neighborhood, I had no trouble finding color at all (especially if you include white)!

Spring ColorSpring has finally arrived!  Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred One

Showers and FlowersFlowers and Showers

It sure has been raining here.   This morning, a pair of mallards were even paddling about the giant puddle in the neighbor’s yard like it was a pond.

In my walking about town today, I noticed the trees and even the daffodils reflecting in the large puddles.  I tried to surreptitiously capture these reflections with my camera phone, but it didn’t go as well as I hoped.  I had trouble not getting my feet completely soaked or looking like a complete kook in a rather public setting.

Once I made my way home though, I didn’t worry about how I looked when taking a picture of my neighbor’s raindrop-covered perennials that were just starting to bloom next to our driveway.

Spring, 2013

Good day, good walk!