Day One Hundred Nine

Word of the Day:  graupel.

This snow-pellet and rain mix that was intermittently falling from the sky or blowing sideways in bone-chilling gusts was enough to discourage me from heading out for a long walk today.

I was curious, however, to see if water levels were down in town after Thursday’s floods, so I took a quick walk to look around.  The water level in the retention area of the park was way down, but the bus lot at my son’s junior high was still quite flooded.

IMG_20130418_145520The flooding of this lot really disrupts traffic flow before and after school.  When I start to grumble about this, I chide myself, because we’re hearing more and more stories, both on the news and first hand, of folks with rainwater or even sewage in their basements.  I think I can put up with a little traffic disruption–without grumbling.

Good day, good walk.

Day One Hundred Eight


We’ve had a little rain in the past day.  Make that a lot of rain.  We, ourselves, have been blessed with a relatively dry basement and no damage.  Our hearts go out to those in the greater Chicagoland area with flooded homes.  Our inconveniences, like getting around flooded viaducts, streets, and parking lots, are minor in comparison with those who have sustained significant property damage.

I did make it out, umbrella in hand, for a walk up to our local park.  I visited this park when I took WordPress’ Phoneography Challenge on Day Sixty-seven.  That day, I took several pictures of the sculptures, benches, and snow at the park.

Today, I went to see the water.  Because of the retention area of the park, that water is not in my basement.

FloodGood day, good walk, good water management!