Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Walking through Chicago history at Graceland Cemetery

Historic Community

I learned about Graceland Cemetery in the Notes section of The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, where he noted that Graceland is “an utterly charming haven where, paradoxically, history comes alive.” (394) I could not agree more. I took a walk there on a sunny day in early September and loved it. It’s gorgeous and so interesting.

Many of the figures in Chicago history are buried at Graceland on Chicago’s north side. I cannot name them all, but architects like Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan, and Mies van der Rohe are buried at Graceland. Marshall Field and Potter Palmer, both famous Chicago businessmen, and the inventors, Cyrus McCormick and George Pullman, are at Graceland too.

Graceland is a different type of community to be sure, but it is a community of people that have accomplished great things, and even though these people were not all contemporaries, their stories are all together at Graceland Cemetery.

Graceland Monuments

Graceland Cemetary Graceland VaultsThanks, Daily Post, for the chance to post again about one of my favorite walks this year as I complete my resolution.

Day Three Hundred Thirteen

The University of Chicago and the Robie House

What a great day for a walk today! The sun was shining brightly, and the few clouds in the sky were puffy and white. Even the temperatures were comfortable. My husband, daughter, youngest son, and I left early for a swim meet at the University of Chicago, so that we could take a walk around campus.

U of C 1Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but thankfully was still able to document the colorful ivy-covered halls, churches, and Gothic buildings with my phone.

U of C 2In our wanderings, we also walked past Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House. I have always loved this house.

IMG_20131109_123454By this point, I really wished that I hadn’t forgotten my camera, but with all of the interesting architecture and colors to see, we still had a great walk!

Day Three Hundred Six

Road Trip

We hit the road today for St. Louis, Missouri, to visit our middle son at Washington University. It was great to have the entire family together for the first time since December.

U City, MOWe enjoyed walking around campus and near campus in my son’s neighborhood. Different architecture in the homes, apartments, and churches made for a beautiful neighborhood. The trees were hitting their peak fall colors, yet some of the flowers were still hanging on to summer. It was lovely walking.

Great day!

Day One Hundred Seventy

More Curves


I thought about entering WordPress’ Photo Challenge for a second time this week, because I had an idea for a “curve” picture.  I walked to one of the churches in town to snap a couple of pictures of the windows and architecture in the bright evening sun.  Unfortunately the sun was a bit too bright, and I got some funky reflections on the windows.

The pictures didn’t turn out that well, but I still had a good walk!

Day One Hundred Thirty-one

Walking on Campus


We traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, today for our daughter’s graduation from Emory University.  After helping her move some things and settling in to our on-campus lodgings, we took a long walk around campus.  Between the lovely architecture and  thousands of chairs arranged on the quad, things were looking great!

Emory CampusGood day, good walk!