Along the Trail: Signs & Structures

Old  Plank Road Trail Mile Markers and Signs

(Posted June, 2013)  These pictures helped me keep track of what I had covered as I haphazardly walked portions of this 20.2 mile trail from January to mid-June, 2013.  The trail’s mile markers run from 0 at the eastern end in Park Forest, Illinois, to the western end in Joliet.  I walked this trail in no particular order and in no particular direction.  Some markers are pictured twice.  This occurred when I would start or end walks at the same crossroad, travelling to or from the east on one walk and the west on another.

Old Plank Mile Markers and SignsI’ve really enjoyed going back through and date-stamping these pictures–seeing winter snow in the background of some and in others the lush green colors of late spring.

Good days, good walking!


I-57 Through the Seasons

(Posted October 29, 2013) I’ve walked on this part of the Old Plank Road Trail in Matteson, Illinois, several times this year. I’ve enjoyed seeing it change during the year and seeing the changes now as I look back.


Great trail, great walking!


Bridges and Passages

(Posted November, 2013) During the year, I have loved seeing all the different ways that civil engineers have designed ways for me to cross over rivers, creeks, marshes, and roads. Some are simply functional, some are absolutely gorgeous.

Bridges and Crossings——————————————————————————

Architecture and Antiquities

(Posted December, 2013) I’ve seen a lot of buildings and other structures over these months of walking. Some are famous, some are beautiful, some are just old; all of them made my walks more interesting.


Sculpture and Public Art

(Posted December, 2013) I’ve walked by many a sculpture this year too (although most were not actually “Along the Trail”). I’m a huge fan of public art, and I’m proud to say some of these are local. A couple are shown more than once–in different seasons.

A few of the sculptures shown are actually grave markers at Graceland Cemetery on Chicago’s north side–one of my favorite walks this year, full of local history. They were too beautiful not to include them.

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