Day Three Hundred Forty-six

I had to take it inside today; it was just too cold.

I walked on a treadmill at our park district health club. I really do prefer to walk outside. Time usually seems to drag while I’m on a treadmill, but today’s 40 minute walk went by fairly quickly. I even upped the mph! To pass the time I flitted between the following activities:

  • I read my new e-book, Detroit City is the Place to Be. My e-reader props so much better than paper books.
  • I had a few emails come in that needed my attention. Since I’m not so great at using a tiny touch screen while on a treadmill, this took quite some time. I am also glad I didn’t fall off the treadmill.
  • People-watching. I tried today to not get distracted by other people that are working out. I did okay until I noticed an elderly woman walking around the track in heels, a long wool coat, and a scarf. Hmm, that’s a first.

Good walking.


2 thoughts on “Day Three Hundred Forty-six

  1. Hi Sharon loved the people watching! How are you feeling about your year of walking coming to an end? Are you planning to stop next year? What will you replace this activity with? Will you find something else to blog about? Really impressive consistency. Keep right on! Regards Julie

    • Julie, good to hear from you! I’m conflicted about the year ending. It’s been a great thing for our entire family, but I am definitely ready to stop numbering the “Days”! I do plan to keep walking next year, but only blog about the interesting ones. I am working on another New Year’s Resolution blog, but think I’ll keep it weekly! Thanks so much for the encouragement! Yours–Sharon

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