Day Three Hundred Forty-four

Observations on Walking in the Extreme Cold

We missed setting a record cold temperature for today by 2º. And we’re not alone; much of the country seems to be colder than usual. Here are my observations about walking in the extreme cold that I noted today while walking around my neighborhood:

  • Glasses get fogged up if one pulls a scarf up over the nose; nose freezes if one keeps the scarf below the nose. One solution might be to wear some type of goggles. (Is there such a thing?) Another solution is to alternate as I did today: scarf up (warm nose), scarf down (defog glasses).
  • The person that invented the hood was a genius. What other single invention can make such a difference in comfort with a single flick of the wrist?
  • Blessings on the heads of the homeowners that shovel their sidewalks. It makes a difference.
  • Curses on the heads of those dog owners that stop picking up poop when it snows or gets cold. It’s hard enough to see the sidewalk through my fogged up glasses, I should not have to be on the lookout for dog poo too.
  • The sun is so low, it looks like it’s going to actually set in the southern sky. (I guess with the sun sun setting at 4:21 today, it’s no wonder.)
  • Huffing and puffing occurs more frequently while walking in the extreme cold. Am I at least burning more calories trying to stay warm? Am I just walking faster to get back inside? Am I wearing so many layers and heavy boots that I’m just working harder? (When I got back I looked it up. I don’t think there’s concrete proof that you burn more calories in the cold, but I did find this Prevention Magazine article interesting.)

Good walk!


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