Day Three Hundred Forty-two

IMG_2238Snow, but Alas, No Owls.

A week ago, we randomly picked a trail using the Google Maps bicycle overlay and ended up seeing two great horned owls and an American kestrel atop a streetlamp.

We went back to the same area today, shortly before dusk again, in hopes of seeing those owls. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any owls or kestrels, but did explore an additional trail along Hickory Creek and saw an old bridge to nowhere.

Franfort Square SnowI shouldn’t say the bridge led to nowhere, but it was blocked off on the opposite side, with plenty of private property signs posted. It made us curious about the history of the property and the bridge because so much of the area is new housing development.

Good walk, but I’m ready for some warmer weather to finish off my 2013 resolution!


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