Day Three Hundred Thirty-eight

A December Community Garden


After feeling a little guilty for my negativity about yesterday’s walk in Olympia Fields, Illinois, I decided to go back to another spot in Olympia Fields where I walked once this summer. I really enjoyed my walk that day and again today.

I walked a couple of times around the loop at the new Tolentine Park. I love this park. There is so much here for the space (it’s not especially large). In addition to a walking trail around the park, it has a play area, a splash pad, a basketball court, and a quiet sitting area. What I love most about this park though is the community garden. Every time I drove by this park this summer, folks were working in their gardens. I used to think that community gardens were just for people who didn’t have a space to garden. I’ve recently realized that there’s more to it: ¬†gardening in an awfully solitary activity; community gardens allow gardeners to garden with others.

Today, I found the remnants of this summer’s bounty fascinating.

Tolentine ParkGood walk!


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