Day Three Hundred Thirty-seven

I Appreciate the Effort

Today’s walk was, um, different.

After using Google Maps Bicycle overlay again, I decided to walk in Olympia Fields, Illinois. I started my walk at Bicentennial Park and proceeded on a paved trail from there. My kids played recreation soccer at this park when they were young, and I remember this trail being here but have never walked here.

Olympia TrailsThe trail makes a mile loop through the adjacent neighborhood. Surprisingly though, the trail runs directly on lot lines–between houses and through backyards. Occasionally, I saw trees planted along the walk which gave some privacy, but I felt like I was walking in the back yards of these homes. I even hesitated to take pictures, because it felt like an invasion of privacy.

I get what they were trying to do: make a community trail where people could walk or bike around the neighborhood with few streets to cross or navigate. I don’t know if it’s the lack of space or openness between the trail and the houses, but it just felt awkward.

The original signs for the trail posts, “No Dogs,” but that seems to have been crossed off. If I lived here, I would have a hard time allowing people to walk their dogs along my back lot line as well as in front of my home, but I can be a little crabby about these things. . .

All in all, it was an interesting walk that I don’t need to revisit.


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