Day Three Hundred Thirty-five

Surprisingly Good Walk for a Random Pick

Frankfort Square Trail SunsetBy the time we finished some chores and watched the Bears fritter away the game, we got a late start on our walk this afternoon. With darkness approaching, we didn’t want to travel far so I used the bicycle overlay on Google Maps and haphazardly chose a trail between housing developments in Frankfort Square and Frankfort, Illinois.

The paved trail runs near Hickory Creek and around various flood management ponds. Much of the area is slotted for development but yet to be built (another result of the economy). We loved having fewer houses around for our walk though and really enjoyed our sunset views.
Frankfort SquareRight around dusk, near the farthest point of our walk, I saw a bird atop a street lamp and shot several pictures of it, trying to figure out what kind of bird it was. Once I returned home I had to zoom in on my computer to get a good look at the bird, but determined it’s an American Kestrel. (Add another new bird to the list!) I have entered these pictures in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! Check it out, here.

When we were walking back to the car, I thought I heard an owl. As we got closer and closer to the car, it got louder and louder, because there were two great horned owls quite close to the trail! It was too dark to get any detailed photos (and there was too much brush to focus well), but I did get a couple of silhouette pictures.  It was so cool! Even though it was too dark for good pictures, it was a great time to go bird watching!
Frankfort Square OwlsI never would have guessed that the digital equivalent of throwing a dart at a map would have given us such a great walk!

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