Day Three Hundred Thirty

Elk in Elk Grove Village and a Bonus Bridge

I was up at O’Hare International Airport today dropping off my oldest son for a flight. I had some time afterwards and decided to head to the Busse Woods Forest Preserve for a walk. My youngest son, off for parent-teacher conferences joined me. We walked a different portion of this preserve back in August on Day 220 and saw butterflies galore. Today, we came to see the elk.

Elk Grove WoodsThe forest preserve district started the herd at this location in 1925. The adjacent town of Elk Grove Village was named for the native herd of elk that roamed here in the 1800s. Today’s elk watched us very carefully from behind the fenced-in area as we walked by on the snow-covered paved trail.

What I didn’t realize until we arrived was that we’d get to cross busy Higgins Road on a nice pedestrian/bike bridge.
Elk Grove Woods BridgeMy son and I always love a good bridge.

Good walk!


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