Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

The Best Layers are at the Bottom (of this Post)

While out walking this week, I kept on the lookout for “layers,” so that I could participate in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I snapped a picture of a pine cone that first day, but wasn’t thrilled and had trouble finding any other ideas.

Today, while out walking in my neighborhood, I decided to settle and simply look for more pine cones. It was harder than I thought it would be. Pine cones, I determined, are one of those things that you see all of the time, but can’t find when you’re looking for them.

(It would probably have helped too if I knew something about pine cones before I left–like not every pine tree has cones every year. I also learned, after some research, that there are male and female pine cones, but I’m not sure at all how that relates to my photographing layers.)

Finally, I found and photographed a few pine cones. The layers are pretty cool. (I have a good friend who would animatedly bring up her favorite mathematician, Fibonacci at this point.) Most of the cones I left untouched but did “stage” one picture in order to get a more interesting photo. I’m not saying which one; feel free to guess.

The strangest thing of all is that upon returning home, I found the coolest layers right outside my door.

This fungus has been growing all summer and fall on the stump of a maple tree that we had cut down because it was just too close to the house. I love how there are both physical layers and layers of color, and I think this picture shows it best:

IMG_2023Fun walking, fun (fungus?) challenge!


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