Day Three Hundred Twenty

Cranberry Slough

I wasn’t sure I’d get a walk in today at all after watching last night’s weather forecast. So when I woke early and saw that it wasn’t raining yet, I donned my walking shoes and walked up to the grocery store for breakfast supplies. When the heavy mists hit me squarely in the glasses on my walk back, I figured this would be the extent of my walking today. However, by the time I had the Saturday morning french toast cleaned up, the weather had cleared up too. We decided to go ahead with a walk, but wore rain gear and packed plastic bags for the electronics, just in case.


My oldest and youngest sons joined me today on the Yellow and Tan Trails in the Palos Trail System of the Cook County Forest Preserve. I have read good things about the area surrounding the Cranberry Slough and planned our route around it.

I have really enjoyed planning walks in this area and in the nearby Sag Valley Trail System. There are many intersecting unpaved trails of various lengths, giving plenty of hiking, biking, and equestrian options. It’s a great example of public natural space.

On today’s route, the water, the curvy oak-lined trails, and the slightly hilly terrain made for an interesting three-mile walk. (And it didn’t even rain!)

Cranberry Slough

I would love to see what this place looks like in the summer. I guess I will just have to go back!


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