Day Three Hundred Nineteen

I walked today in a nearby town, Olympia Fields, Illinois. The town has done a nice job with the area around their commuter train station. They added a large lot a few years ago and did it right, with a pretty water retention pond and a paved walking trail and tall grasses surrounding it. The walking trails connect the train station to major roads and residential areas. Olympia Fields Train StationToday, I saw mallards, killdeer, and a red-tail hawk as I circled the pond. I also walked under the tracks, hoping to walk around the Olympia Fields Country Club which borders the east side of the railroad tracks. Understandably, the club has a gate to keep non-member commuters and nosy walkers like me out of their exclusive club.

I do not remember this gate being here when we attended the 2004 U. S. Open at this club. I think they took it down and opted for a faster entry for that large venue. We so enjoyed having that international golf event nearby!

Good walking and reminiscing!


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