Day Three Hundred Sixteen

Fall Bradford Pear Trees

While driving to yesterday’s walk, I noticed a pretty tree along the way. I couldn’t place what type of tree it was, but saw orange, burgundy, and green–all on one tree on a church’s property. It’s close enough to walk to from home, so I headed up there today to take some pictures and figure out what kind of tree it is.

All of the leaves below were on that one tree. It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Fall's Last ShowFunny thing is, I figured it out what kind of tree it is while I was walking home. I saw a newly planted one along the sidewalk that still had the nursery tag on it; it’s a Bradford pear. Learn something new every day . . .

I also snapped some pictures near the tree and love the colors. And yes, that’s snow on the ground. We had our first measurable snow last night. I’m afraid that winter’s on its way.

Fall's Last Show 2Good walking!

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