Day Three Hundred Eight

Reflecting on Two Wheels

I took a break from walking today and went biking instead. I went back to an old favorite, the Old Plank Road Trail, with my daughter. (“With” means we rode in the car together, but she rides so much faster than I do that we agreed on a time to meet back at the car, and she took off ahead of me. I really felt like a slow rider later too when a man on a bike with a dog running beside him passed me–so, of course, I stopped to take a picture.)

Old Plank Trail RideEven with the heavy winds, I enjoyed my nine mile ride. The colors were gorgeous.

I really liked riding farther than I am able to walk on a given day. I saw several miles of the trail that I haven’t seen since last winter. I clearly remembered each separate walk: one with my youngest son was snowy, one was solitary and icy, one was with my eldest son, and on one unseasonably warm day, my husband joined our youngest and me.

Reliving walks on a bike–does it get any better?

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