Day Three Hundred Three

Orange Day

This may sound strange, but I think I’m seeing colors more this year. Notice I didn’t say that I was seeing more colors this year; I wouldn’t really know how to make that comparison. The comparison I’m making is much more nebulous and non-scientific. Perhaps, I should say that I’m noticing more colors this year. This week, I’m especially seeing orange.

Today, I grabbed my camera and set out in search of orange. I found it everywhere.

Orange 1I found orange all over the neighborhood: yellow-orange, red-orange, pink-orange (a.k.a. salmon), green-orange (a.k.a. brown? rust?), and orange-orange.
Orange 2I saw orange in the trees, maples and oaks; I saw orange in the bushes, the vines, and the flowers clinging to life. I saw orange in the pumpkins too.Orange 3I like orange. I wish it would stick around for awhile. To quote Dr. Seuss, “On my orange days that’s how I feel.”

Fun walk.

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