Day Two Hundred Eighty-nine

Lake Sedgewick

Before visiting Costco in Orland Park, Illinois, today, I stopped for a walk around nearby Lake Sedgewick. Although I’ve shopped in Orland Park often, I didn’t realize that this 95 acre lake is even here until I used the Google Maps bicycle overlay today, looking for a place to walk.

The Village of Orland Park has really done a nice job with this former farmland that was turned into a humus-mining operation and then a flood-relief lake. The large surrounding Centennial Park gives many access points to the lake with a paved trail connecting the park to docks and gazebos around the lake. Some of the docks give kayak and canoe access to the lake, and all of the docks and gazebos offer great views.  The nearby John Humphrey trail connects residential areas to the park.Lake SedgewickI enjoyed looping around the lake and checking out the different views, one of a nearby great blue heron. It’s a nice place for a walk!


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