Day Two Hundred Eighty-seven

Lunch Bribes

Everyone but my poor hard-working husband was off today for the Columbus Day holiday, so I promised lunch from Chipotle to anyone who would walk with me today. My oldest and youngest sons and my daughter all took me up on the offer.

We walked around most of Izaak Walton Nature Center, something I haven’t done since my eldest son and I unintentionally did it back on Day 10 when we actually got a bit lost.

It was good to go around what I’ll call the “big lake” again. It was a lovely day and even though most of the grasses have already turned the grays and browns of fall, we found an occasional wildflower.

Isaak Walton

We also spotted one great blue heron tucked along the edge of the lake. I will miss these prehistoric-looking winged creatures when they leave for the winter.

Isaak Walton 2Good walking and tasty lunch!


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