Day Two Hundred Eighty-four

Walking for Burgers

Sometimes I just want a good burger.

I planned today’s walk after school around our dinner plans. I did this the last time that I visited Meatheads in Frankfort, Illinois too. That day last spring, we walked along the Old Plank Trail which runs very closely behind the restaurant. Today, my daughter, youngest son, and I went to Hickory Creek Barrens just down Lincoln Highway from Meatheads.

Hickory Creek Barrens, a Will County forest preserve, is the third and final access area in the Hickory Creek system that I’ve walked this year. With the hilly terrain, heavy woods, and late afternoon sun pouring in between the trees, it was absolutely beautiful out there today.

Hickory Creek BarrensOn the trail we saw a few high school cross-country runners from nearby Lincoln-Way Central High School. From the bridge over the creek we spotted a kingfisher, which surprised me because the creek is fairly small.

I kept a lookout during the entire walk for a pileated woodpecker, my 2013 grail bird, after reading that they’ve been spotted here, but did not see one.

What a great walk and a delicious burger! (I had the Californian.)


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