Day Two Hundred Seventy-nine

Walking in Madison: Day Three

For our third and final day in Madison, Wisconsin, I walked on one portion of the Capital City Trail in the morning with my mom and twin nieces and then later by myself on a different section. picked the Capital City State Trail as a Trail of the Month in 2008. It’s easy to see why.

The 17 mile long trail is actually a collection of former individual trails that were combined and renamed the Capital City. Traveling the Capital City is a great way to see the city of Madison and the surrounding area.

We started our walk near the southwest starting point of the trail in Fitchburg and walked under the Southwest Commuter Path, which heads north, and the Badger State Trail, which heads south. The Military Ridge State trail is accessible from here as well. From the Capital City trail, we enjoyed watching the bicyclists whiz by overhead on the former railroad trestle.

We were enjoying our walk through this quiet wooded area so much that we walked for quite a ways. Because we stopped and played with the twins at Arrow Head Park both coming and going, we got the girls a little off-schedule for lunch, naps, and their parents’ evening return. Oops.

Capital Cities TrailLater, while the girls were napping, my mom suggested I do some more exploring. I took her up on the offer and headed out. This time, I walked the Capital City along John Nolen Drive on the isthmus between Lake Monona and Monona Bay. This part of the trail is busy with runners and bicyclists. I enjoyed the views of the Madison skyline and the capital building. This part of the trail is so much more urban than the portion we visited in the morning, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same trail.

My sister and her husband returned later that day from their weekend away, and their girls were happy to see them. My mom and I hit the road for Illinois after our three fun-filled days in Madison. I loved spending time with my mom and nieces and exploring places to walk in a trail-friendly town.


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