Day Two Hundred Eighty

Back to Sand Ridge

When I walked at Sand Ridge Nature Center on Day 269, I ran out of time and did not walk the loop portion of the “Lost Beach Trail.” I’ve been wanting to get back, and today I had the perfect chance.

My mom was heading back to Michigan this morning after our three day visit to Madison, Wisconsin. Since she was not in a hurry and Sand Ridge is conveniently located, I asked if she’d like to follow me to South Holland, Illinois, and go for a walk on her way out of town. Of course, she said yes. My daughter was able to join us.

Sandridge-three generationsSand Ridge got its name from the sandy soil and ridges that shrinking glaciers left behind when Lake Michigan was formed. As we made our way along the trail through the heavy woods, my mom, more adept than I at recognizing bird calls, stopped frequently and pointed out flickers and red-bellied woodpeckers.

With all of the birds and the trees just beginning to change colors, it was a lovely spot for three generations of ladies to take a walk!


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