Day Two Hundred Seventy-eight


Walking in Madison: Day Two

My mom and I are still in Madison, Wisconsin, today watching my two-year old nieces. This morning we walked along the other side of Wingra Creek, along the edge of Quann Park. Quann has a dog park and a large community garden. The park sits adjacent to the Alliant Energy Center, and we were there on the final day of the World Dairy Expo. There were cow trailers everywhere.

Today, I remembered my camera! I loved taking pictures of my nieces, but I also enjoyed taking shots as we walked along the creek, in the park, and back through the neighborhoods. It was a great way to spend a warm, foggy morning!Wingra Creek and  Quann Park


Later, after naps (the twins each took one; I did not), we went to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum to take a look around. A downpour prevented us from walking much. Before it rained, we saw a flock of wild turkeys, some within a fenced-in research area. (I wasn’t sure what a group of wild turkeys is even called. When I looked it up, I also learned that a group of domesticated turkeys is called a rafter. Always good to learn something new.)

It was another great day getting to know my nieces, spending time with my mom, and walking.


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