Day Two Hundred Seventy-seven

Walking in Madison-Day One

This morning, my mom and I drove to my sister’s house in Madison, Wisconsin. She and her husband are attending a wedding out of town, and we are going to watch their twin two-year-old daughters. We had a great first day that included, of course, a walk.

Madison is bike-friendly, well-trailed, and an active city (the Google Maps Bicycle overlay is downright impressive). There’s the Capitol City trail which circumscribes around the east and south sides of the city. The Southwest commuter path runs along the western edge of the city. Both trails connect to the Badger State Trail and have numerous sub-trails that connect the neighborhoods and the city. Today, we were on one of those trails.

We walked along the Wingra Creek to Olin Park and shores of Lake Mononaon the Wingra Bike Path. I forgot to take my camera but was able to snap a few pictures with my phone along the creek and of the state capitol and skyline across Lake Monona.

Wingra Creek and Olin ParkWhat a nice way to spend time with my little nieces and my mom–on a walk in a walk-friendly town!


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