Day Two Hundred Sixty-five

If Only I Had a Kayak

After seeing some beautiful pictures taken at the Skokie Lagoons, one of the Cook County Forest Preserves, I thought I’d head to the North Branch Trail System for a walk.

What a beautiful area! Before walking, I wandered up to the edge of the water. I had no idea it was so large! I then headed back through a wooded area to get back to the trail.

I initially walked along the paved Red North Branch Bike Trail and was surprised by how many bicyclists were out. I took the trail up to the Tower Road Boat Launch and was even more surprised by the number of kayaks. Obviously, a great way to explore the Skokie Lagoons was from the water!
Skokie LagoonsAfter looking around and jealously watching the people rowing about on the kayaks and small boats, I headed back on the more peaceful gravel Yellow Trail. I would love to come back and explore more of this beautiful preserve.

But first, I must procure a kayak . . .

(On a counting note: one hundred days left in the year!)


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