Day Two Hundred Sixty

IOU (Myself)

If there’s a day of the week that I am least likely to fit in a walk, I’d guess it’s a Tuesday (or maybe a Thursday).

It’s certainly the easiest day for me to come up with excuses, and I could come up with a few for not walking today. Or, I could owe myself a walk.

I’ll do that. I owe myself a walk.

Update: Make-up Walk (Double Walk) on Day 263

I used to walk my son to and from school almost every day.

Then our neighbors got a dog, tied him up outside, and left him there barking for hours on end. My son, who has high-functioning autism, reaches sensory overload easily when it comes to bothersome sounds. Barking is one of those sounds. He is now super-sensitive to any barking. It wasn’t worth walking to school if he would arrive at school in tears. So we pretty much stopped walking. With the junior high even farther from home, we have never walked to or from school.


Today we successfully walked home from school. It likely helped that it was a half-day and a Friday. Also, I had given my son advanced warning and brought sound-reducing head phones, just in case. I was the only mom walking with my Junior high child, but my son didn’t seem to notice that.

He really seemed to enjoy the walk. So did I. We’ll have to do it again.


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