Day Two Hundred Sixty-one

Erie Lackawanna on Wheels

After yesterday’s non-walk, I was ready for some activity today. Since my daughter and I both had an open block of time this morning, we decided to cross the state line into Indiana and bike on the Erie-Lackawanna Trail, a great example of a rail-to-trail conversion.

I’ve walked on the Erie-Lackawanna several times before this year, but I have never biked it. It was nice to be able to take in some portions that I’d missed before.

We parked at Cabela’s in Hammond, Indiana, and rode southeast under Indianapolis Boulevard and then through Hammond, Highland, Griffith, and into Schererville.

Erie Lackawanna BikeWe rode about seven miles together, making several side street and railroad crossings before a nice open stretch in Griffith and Schererville. I was actually grateful for these crossings, because they allowed me the chance to catch up to my daughter who rides considerably faster than I do.

Once we reached some open farmland, my daughter continued riding south and would ride an extra mile each way, while I turned around and headed back. When I stopped for water (without the taskmaster daughter around), a polite biker asked me on the fly if I was doing okay. It was thoughtful of the nice man to check on this old lady–this continues to be such a friendly trail!

With her off riding at a breakneck pace, I was able to take a little side route around a lake, pause for some pictures, and watch a great blue heron lope around before riding on to our appointed meeting place and heading back.

What a nice ride!


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