Day Two Hundred Fifty-eight

Walking, Inside and Out

Although we really could use the rain, I would have preferred it today if it hadn’t come right at the time I was in Chicago for a walk. Oh well, we made the best of it.

The original plan was to walk around Graceland Cemetery again, this time with my husband and son, and then stop at my husband’s office so he could pick up some papers. When it started pouring rain, we still went to Graceland, but did a driving tour instead. We passed two walking tour groups, and, boy, were they getting wet!

We strayed from our original plan again, parked the car, and went in to the office instead of my driving around the block while my husband ran in.  We hoped that maybe if we waited, the rain would let up and then we could walk around a fairly empty Millennium Park.

Once inside the office, my son and I walked around and around the office. Thankfully, no one was there, because I checked out the different views of the city and my son tried out many of the office and conference room chairs. He even found a stash of candy.

Chicago Rainy SundayOnce my husband was done with his work and my son got to photocopy his hand (something he’s been wanting to do for awhile), we headed out into the rain for a short walk around Millennium Park before heading back to the car.

IMG_20130915_170624We got to see some of the Jun Kaneko exhibit and didn’t end up getting all that wet! It was a pretty good day for walking after all.


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