Day Two Hundred Fifty-five

Windy Ride with a Taskmaster

My daughter and I had both had some extra time today, so I asked her to accompany me on a 9.5 mile bike ride on the Red Trail loop in the Tinley Creek Trail System of the Cook County Forest Preserve.  I’ve walked different portions of this trail before (saw a coyote here twice). I’ve been wanting to ride the entire trail.

The temperatures have cooled down a bit from what we’ve had this hot week, but it was still unseasonably warm and quite windy.

It’s hard to ride against the wind, and my daughter is in much better shape than I am! I struggled to keep up, but enjoyed a nice workout (once I negotiated water stops every three miles).


The Taskmaster (a.k.a. my daughter) wasn’t thrilled with my stopping to take pictures, so I was only able to grab a quick shot with my phone when she wasn’t looking. The yellow daisies, goldenrod, and white puffy clouds were just too beautiful not to document.

I enjoyed riding today, but plan to get back to walking tomorrow. Riding with the Taskmaster every day would be just too much for this old gal.


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