Day Two Hundred Fifty-three

Instead of walking today, I:

  • cleaned out the closet–half-pantry, half-everything-drawer–that holds the family together (literally–we keep the glue and tape in there too).
  • made appointments.
  • spent way too much time online.
  • watched Charlie Rose’s entire interview with Syria’s President Assad.
  • worked on more homework than usual with my son.
  • picked up my husband from his class so he wouldn’t have to stand on two train rides (with his sore back).
  • attended a committee meeting.
  • debated the use of Ball canning jars as drinking glasses with my family.
  • watched American Masters about Billie Jean King on PBS.  (I, of course, remember watching her tennis games on television as a child, but did not know much about her. I’ve got to say, she’s an interesting person, and it’s a fascinating portrayal that I highly recommend.)

I’ll get back to walking tomorrow. I will need to plan on less screen time though.


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