Day Two Hundred Fifty-one

The Loop is Mine for the (Picture) Taking


After last Sunday’s successful walk at Graceland Cemetery, I went into the city to do another Chicago walk that I had read about recently in Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago River Walk. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but I had fun anyhow.

I found free parking along Upper West Wacker Drive, and headed toward the Frankin Street Bridge, one of the walk’s ending points. Wacker Drive is one of my favorite streets in Chicago, because it has so much character. Wacker Drive bends along next to the Chicago River, so it runs east/west north of downtown, then bends south and runs north/south west of downtown. The most interesting part of Wacker though is that it has two levels, Upper and Lower.

When I worked in downtown Chicago (over twenty years ago already!) I worked just north of the river and in the depths of winter would walk along Lower Wacker to get between my office and my train station.  Walking under ground allowed me to avoid heavy snowfalls and those cold Lake Michigan breezes. Unfortunately, many of Chicago’s homeless hung out underground as well.

They still do.

Today, when I looked along the lower walkway next to the river, I saw a few homeless camps and, since I was alone and there weren’t many folks around, I decided to stay on the upper level. I still really enjoyed walking around and taking some pictures (still trying to find a unique point of view for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge).

Chicago RiverWhile aimlessly walking and snapping pictures,

  • I followed the river for awhile and enjoyed watching the tour boats come along every few minutes
  • I got to see the Wells Street Bridge replacement, a huge transportation project and engineering feat because it affects CTA trains, above, and cars, below.
  • I wandered into the deserted Loop and took pictures along closed and empty roads while tourists were elsewhere and weekday workers were at home (or across town at Soldier Field) watching the Bears’ game

I have separately entered WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge here.

I had some failed challenge attempts too, including a chopped-off Merchandise Mart, a corner Chipotle that was so crowded that no one would be able to focus on anything, and a regular ol’ picture of Willis (Sears) Tower.

Chicago POV AttemptsSo much fun.

5 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Fifty-one

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