Day Two Hundred Forty-three

What did we ever do before cell phones? I bet we did more walking.

Today my oldest son came home from doing graduate work abroad for a year. Although he was home for a couple of weeks at Christmas, I haven’t seen him (not counting Skype) since January, and I am ready for him to be home for awhile!

Since we had made no specific pick-up arrangements, my daughter and I parked at the international terminal and walked inside. We usually don’t park and go into airports anymore. Have you noticed that? Instead, we usually just use the cell-phone lot and wait for a call.  But because my son had a year’s worth of luggage and no cell phone, we went inside.

I was glad we did. I really enjoyed seeing all the people greet their friends and loved ones. I loved hearing all of the different languages spoken too as we paced between Exit A and Exit B and between inside and outside, in case we missed him somehow. Eventually, he made it through customs, and we walked back to the car and got to bring him home.

It is so good to have him back in the States.


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