Day Two Hundred Forty-one

IMG_1087Off in a Flash of Hot Pink

My daughter had a request. She’s always wanted to bike the entire Old Plank Road Trail. She’d need a ride though, because she didn’t want to ride both ways. I agreed to drive her today.

I dropped her off in Park Forest, Illinois, at the eastern end of the trail, drove the twenty miles to the western end in Joliet, and headed east on foot.

I covered this entire trail (and back) in walkable pieces this winter and spring. I enjoyed going to the endpoint again today and seeing familiar sites and late summer blooms.

OPRT Ending AgainI had a little trouble timing things so that my daughter and I would finish up at the same time.  She went faster than I had calculated and caught up with me before I made it back to the car.  She rode up behind me, said a quick hello, and then rode off in a flash of hot pink. After snapping her picture, I picked up my pace and finished up yet another great walk!


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