Day Two Hundred Thirty-three

On Biking

I’m spoiled. We’ve had so few 90° days this summer that when we do have one, like today, I don’t feel like walking.

I was, however, okay with biking, and so I biked again today both to the library to pick up a book (which ended up being five books) and later to the grocery store for toilet paper (we were down to the last roll, transferring it back and forth between bathrooms–not a good situation).

After learning my lesson with the library books (balancing five large books against my body while pedaling, steering, and braking), I opted for the four-roll pack of toilet paper, bagged and easily hooked over my handle bars.

I did make myself chuckle though as I’m pedaling home, picturing myself balancing a twelve or twenty-four pack of toilet paper on my bicycle. It’s a good thing that I can still make myself chuckle after all these years.

My bike of twenty-two years, long may she ride:

IMG_1001I’ll get back to walking tomorrow.


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