Day Two Hundred Thirty-one

No Coyote Today

Today, my daughter, youngest son, and I walked on the Black Spur and a portion of the Red Trail of the Tinley Creek Trail System of the Cook County Forest Preserve. The spur connects residential Orland Park, Illinois, to the 9.4 mile Red Trail Loop and crosses under busy Harlem Avenue.

We have walked on the Red Trail before. Each time, we have either seen the resident coyote ourselves or heard of a recent sighting from other trail users. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I can report of no coyote today.

We did see a patch of apple trees and a beautiful field of ironweed, prairie coneflower, and budding goldenrod before heading under Harlem Avenue.

Harlem Avenue Black SpurWe only walked a short distance on the Red Trail before heading back, but eventually I’d like to finish walking the rest of it.  When I do, I think I’d be okay with no additional coyote sightings.

Good day, good walk!



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