Day Two Hundred Twenty-six

Not So Much

I have really enjoyed most of my walks along the Illinois & Michigan Canal. Since my daughter is home and said she would like to join us today, I thought the I & M would be a great place to take her. I just didn’t pick the best section.

We started in downtown Lockport, Illinois, and headed north. Right away, the trail moves away from the canal. We walked directly behind some businesses (complete with workers on break, staring as we went by) in an alley-like walkway before the trail heads into some trees and toward the canal again.

Soon, we came to a clearing with a group of old buildings–a school, a train station, a jail, and a couple of outhouses. These buildings appear to have been moved here from different towns in Will County. A parking lot is being added at this site as well. If the county is adding a new park here, I have been unable to find any information on it.

I & M Lockport North

As we headed north, the I & M Trail joins Centennial Trail and runs between industrial properties. A constant line of dump trucks came and went on a drive parallel to the trail as we walked.  After a half-mile or so, we turned around.and headed back to downtown Lockport where we looked around Lincoln’s Landing again before heading home.

Although we found the old buildings interesting and did see a heron fly by, this part of the trail offers little in beauty or wildlife.  I still enjoyed walking and spending time with my daughter and son though!

My favorite picture of the walk:



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