Day Two Hundred Twenty-one

Heron Haven

We went back to a favorite spot on a favorite trail–the Old Plank Road Trail between I-57 and Ridgeland Avenue. This part of the trail runs through an Illinois Nature Preserve and marsh. Last summer we biked through this area a few times, and this marsh was almost completely dry due to drought. We were glad to see the water back this summer and all of the water birds that flock to it.

Heron Heaven 1After seeing, but not identifying, a smaller heron last week, I was really hoping to see one today and brought the binoculars and camera, just in case. We spotted a snowy egret first and then a couple of great blue herons.

We had just about given up hope when I saw something to the north of the trail, and my husband saw something to the south. Both were green herons. They are quite colorful with their reddish-brown necks, but not really all that green!

Heron Heaven 2Now I’m getting greedy; I want to see some of the other small herons that are in the region!

IMG_0867On the way back to the car, I couldn’t resist taking yet another picture the I-57 overpass. Behold the colors of summer!

IMG_0876Good day, good walk!


2 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Twenty-one

    • Julie,
      Thanks! I didn’t even notice the reflection until later. Yes, I believe it’s a green heron, but I didn’t have time to look at this particular one through the binoculars, only to snap a few pictures!

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