Day Two Hundred Twenty

Airplanes and Butterflies

Since we had a planned trip to O’Hare Airport this afternoon anyhow, I figured why not leave a little early and walk at a different forest preserve.  With some research into area preserves and navigation, I had the perfect spot twenty minutes down the road from O’Hare.

We drove up to Busse Woods, an early preserve for the Cook County Forest Preserve.  The area was mostly set aside to provide flood relief along Salt Creek. This preserve is quite large, bordered by the suburbs of Elk Grove Village, Schaumburg, and Arlington Heights. Much of the preserve is Busse Lake and the various pools and marshes that surround it.  Salt Creek runs through here as well.

As planes flew regularly overhead, we walked north of Higgins Road through a forested area, across a meadow, and near a marsh.  It was lovely. Unfortunately, we saw many dead ash trees designated for removal.

Busse Woods 2We also saw all sorts of butterflies.  One even posed for me!

IMG_0853Good day, good walk, good trip to the airport!


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