Day Two Hundred Thirteen

A Heron in a Tree behind Kohl’s

I again chose today’s walk using the Google Maps’ Bicycle overlay.  While travelling on I-80, I have noticed a paved walkway near a golf course that shows up as a trail on the map, so I thought we’d give it a try.

When my son and I got there, however, one road with access to the property is closed, another access point is on corporate property, and I couldn’t find any another access points.  Without pulling up the map on my phone, I thought perhaps we could access the trail behind a large nearby shopping area, so we parked at Kohl’s and headed behind the store.

I was wrong, but it didn’t matter.  My son was quite content to walk the curb along the entire delivery area.  It was deserted, quiet, and beautiful.

IMG_20130801_170649The curb-walking slowed us down quite a bit, but that didn’t matter either.  It gave me the opportunity to look across the vacant lot behind the stores where I noticed a heron perched in a dead tree.  I did not know herons could physically even do this.  I didn’t have my DSLR with me, but snapped a picture with my phone.

IMG_20130801_170511Good day, good walk!


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