Day Two Hundred Twelve

Always Bring the Camera and Binoculars to Costco

No one is a bigger fan of the tire department at Costco than I am.

Unfortunately, several of my fellow members decided to buy tires today, and the two-hour predicted wait for my free tire rotation took a little air out of my tires.

We made the best of it though.  First we got lunch at the nearby Chipotle, a tasty diversion from any troubles. Instead of walking at the forest preserve as planned, my son and I took a walk around Costco and the nearby area.  The area behind this Costco is actually a lovely marsh.


The walkway leading to a condominium complex has gone into disrepair, but the rest of the area is beautiful. While walking, we saw a snowy egret in the water and saw a great blue heron fly away from the western end of IMG_20130731_134231the marsh. As we approached this active western portion, I saw a mystery bird but could not get a great look. (My binoculars were not doing me much good sitting at home!)  I was only able to get a rather inadequate silhouette photo with my phone.

Since arriving home, I have narrowed it to four possibilities:  Bittern (American or Least), Green Heron, or Black-crowned Night-Heron. When I go back to get my tire torque checked, I will definitely bring the binoculars and camera!

Good day, good walk!


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