Day Two Hundred Forty-one

IMG_1087Off in a Flash of Hot Pink

My daughter had a request. She’s always wanted to bike the entire Old Plank Road Trail. She’d need a ride though, because she didn’t want to ride both ways. I agreed to drive her today.

I dropped her off in Park Forest, Illinois, at the eastern end of the trail, drove the twenty miles to the western end in Joliet, and headed east on foot.

I covered this entire trail (and back) in walkable pieces this winter and spring. I enjoyed going to the endpoint again today and seeing familiar sites and late summer blooms.

OPRT Ending AgainI had a little trouble timing things so that my daughter and I would finish up at the same time.  She went faster than I had calculated and caught up with me before I made it back to the car.  She rode up behind me, said a quick hello, and then rode off in a flash of hot pink. After snapping her picture, I picked up my pace and finished up yet another great walk!

Day Two Hundred Forty

It cooled off a bit today, so I grabbed my camera and headed off through the neighborhood. I wanted to take WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge:  Focus, so I went searching for the right spot to play with the aperture settings on my camera.

I visited a church, the train station, a lovely front yard flower garden, and the park.  I took multiple shots at each place, but almost all of the partner, altered-aperture pictures came out blurry (in a bad way) or exactly the same as the first picture.Around TownI was able to capture two different pictures of a dogwood tree (I think!) though and entered it in the Photo Challenge. Check it out here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Love this Challenge!

I took these pictures at my local park on one of my walks (Day 240). I took the first one using the “flower” setting on my camera, letting the camera choose the settings for close-up photography.  It chose an f-stop of 5.6. I love this picture.

Dogwood fruit

For the next two pictures, I tried to take duplicate pictures with everything the same but the aperture. On the center picture above, I used the camera’s automatic 5.6 f-stop. The fruity, colored branch pops when the background is blurry. On the final picture, I used an f-stop of 32. The fruit and colored leaves definitely blend more into the leafy green (focused) background!




Day Two Hundred Thirty-eight

Four Senses

I took a quiet walk through my neighborhood today. The weather’s been quite steamy, so I waited until dusk. Except for the opossum that I encountered on the sidewalk, I had a great sensory walk:

  • The smells coming from the bakery and the restaurant downtown made an interesting mix to decipher–onions and muffins, I think.
  • The sound of a gentleman arguing with someone on his cell phone made for an awkward sidewalk encounter, and definitely made me grateful not to be on the other end of that call.
  • The sight of a couple readying their new store for its grand opening was heartening.  I admire their pluck and wish them the best.
  • The feel of sweat on my brow had me heading home for A/C and a tall glass of ice water!

Good day, good walk!

Day Two Hundred Thirty-six


Wauponsee Glacial Ride

We changed things up today, racked up the bikes, and rode instead of walked. We headed back to Symerton, Illinois, but this time rode south on the Wauponsee Glacial Trail.

The crushed limestone trail is lined with bushes, wildflowers, and trees that provided shade when we needed it. We rode through primarily farmland, some planted with soy, but most of it planted with corn. I enjoyed seeing the golden rod and a pair of kingbirds (a new bird to add to the list!).

We’re not really accustomed to biking so far and were pretty tired by the time we were done.

Such a good ride!

Wauponsee Glacial Symerton South